Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Czechs were all Catholic...

...but what if they weren't?
What if before they were Catholics they were Hussites? The more I learn about the history of Protestantism in the Czech lands, the more I realize how little I know.
What if some of them were Jews?
I don't know of any, but the more I learn about the history of Judaism and Jews in the Czech lands the more I realize that the persecution of Jews would have been a part of their lives, Catholic, Protestant, or whatever. 
I wish I could get inside their heads and really know them. There are clues hidden in the records, such as the fact that Anton Hruby was mistaken for his son Jakob Hruby on his death record. Is this a hint that the clerk didn't know them well? Or perhaps they looked similar? He didn't make that mistake very often, judging by the others on the page.
How much faith did they have inside? What were the religious convictions of their hearts? What did they believe about the purpose of life?
And how can I discover them?

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